The Brand

Founded late 2016 in Queensland Australia by a young speedway racer, Locked Down Apparel is a modern lifestyle clothing brand fuelled by speed and inspired by Adrenaline & Adventure, 100% Australian owned and operated.

We spend the time ensuing each and every single product we create is to the highest quality to last the test of time. The products are suitable to any type of lifestyle, age and gender. Although our strong roots in motorsports is what started this journey in 2016, we are open to incorporating all types of action sports that thrive on adrenaline. 

" Being a sprintcar driver myself I wanted to bridge the gap between the racing industry and casual streetwear clothing. I shaped this brand around all forms of Adrenaline and Adventure and really strive to be the leader in casual clothing in the action sport industry! I've spend countless hours ensuring each product that hits the store is of the highest quality, I'm constantly working on new and improved designs. "

Founder/CEO - Ryan McNamara


More than just a clothing brand, Locked Down is a lifestyle. A lifestyle which is inspired by Adrenaline & Adventure and through clothing we bring together a powerful community.

Welcome to the #lockeddownlifestyle