Lots of you get in contact for sponsorships and it is something we do here at Locked Down Apparel. However not to often at this stage.

General tips:
Best to email through your proposal or letter to info@lockeddownapparel.com for us to go through. Never message our socials asking for free shirts as we don't accept these type of proposals. We only accept written/typed documents explaining everything about you and what you offer.
Ensure your spelling and grammer are correct before sending anything to us for a better chance to be noticed.
Present everything in a professional manner as we want to work with people who present themselves in a professional way, first impressions are important. We are constantly looking for new ambassadors for the brand and you can be the next one!

Ensure you have followed the simple tips above before getting in contact with us. We will try and respond to all applications and let you know if we are able to work together.

Golden tip:
We look for the results and keep on eye on the best performing people in their respective sports however having an active and strong social media account is key.